The Personal Data Revolution: Why It’s Time For Marketers To Care

Data privacy has turned into one of the most important, hotly debated topics globally. And while lawyers, governmental officials and technology experts weigh in, the people who should be most concerned, involved, and engaged are marketers. According to a Deloitte report, 73% of consumers would reconsider using a company if it failed to keep their data safe (this compares to only 51% who would switch companies if they were charged a higher price than competitors for a similar product). This is a consumer problem, meaning that it is a marketing problem. How data is collected, how it is used, what companies do with the data, and with whom they share it all impacts the consumer’s experience. And while marketing should arguably lead enterprise-wide thinking on the topic, few do. To better understand the nature, importance, and ramifications of the personal data revolution, I turned to Addison Deitz, EVP/Director of Global Operations and Client Support, and Jessie Kernan, Global Head of Data and Strategy, both from Rapp.

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EU prepares to raise Privacy Shield over data transfers to U.S.

European Union officials are set to give final approval to a new EU-U.S. data transfer agreement early next week, after member states gave their approval to an updated text on Friday.

Privacy Shield is intended to replace the Safe Harbor Agreement as a means to legalize the transfer of EU citizens’ personal information to the U.S. while still respecting EU privacy laws.

A new deal is needed because the Court of Justice of the EU invalidated the Safe Harbor Agreement last October, concerned that it provided Europeans with insufficient protection from state surveillance when companies exported their personal data to the U.S. for processing.

The first draft of Privacy Shield agreement presented by the European Commission in January lacked key assurances from U.S. officials on the same matters that had concerned the CJEU about Safe Harbor.

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