Headquartered in Montreal, Nova Export Canada is a Canadian company that enables North American enterprises to capitalize on the business potential in Middle East. With a focus on procurement logistics, training and life support services, Nova Export Canada leverages its resources and partnerships to provide access to excellent markets for Canadian and American industrial products across diverse industries.

Nova Export Canada enjoys the experience and vision of its founders who steer the company and its stakeholders in the direction of the profitable ventures. With our presence spanning UAE to Iraq to Jordan, with resourceful partners in each region, we are primed for swiftly initiating successful operations, greatly benefiting our North American as well as Middle Eastern clients.

Iraq in particular offers remarkable business potential and Nova Export Canada is very active in helping insightful entrepreneurs make the most of it. With the colossal task of reconstruction on so many levels ahead of the country, Iraq will continue to be a source of attractive industrial projects. This makes Nova Export Canada an invaluable business partner, one that has the right blend of regional comprehension and international values.

Nova Export Canada acts as a bridge between Middle Eastern and North American businesses, helping both achieve their business & development goals. Our first-rate solutions eliminate business impediments ranging from market ambiguity to language barriers. Moreover, our experience and physical presence in Middle East makes it easy for us to provide robust, agile, cost-effective and scalable development solutions, especially in the oil & gas industry.

From experienced consultants to skilled workers, we attract and retain the best professionals in the industry. Their hard & smart work ensures that you enjoy world-class consulting and related solutions. Whether it’s import/export facilitation, project management, life support or training, our services are geared towards your specific requirements and objectives.